In naturKhem, we know that our clients’ success is also our own success.
Organic Line
Diet challenges, optimal performance and organic certification.
[naturKhem] Spanish Record
In the international fair of giant pumpkins of Valtierra with 850 kg and 921 kg.
Mission Vision and Values
Based on Research, Development, Quality, Responsibility and Sustainability.
Unique specialities and differentiated formulations.
From Spain to the whole world, thanks to a strategic geographical location.
We aim to achieve a high quality
and economic production for our clients.
  • [Desert]
    Biostimulant of plant development in crops that undergo hydric and saline stress situations.
  • [Elixir]
    Ca- and Zn-based biostimulant that improves the firmness of the fruits, which lengthens post-harvest life and improves fruit quality.
  • [Organic]
    Modern production system that is intended to produce high quality products, in accordance with the European regulations on organic production.
  • [Berries]
    Specific biostimulants for berry cultivation. Blackberry, strawberry and raspberry.
  • [CitriGrow]
    Plant growth biostimulant. The CitriGrow range has 8 products developed for different citrus varieties.
  • [CitriUp]
    Hormone-free biostimulant bi-formula specific for citriculture that allows to keep the ripe fruit in the tree.
  • [CitriXL]
    Two liquid formulas based on mixtures of selected nutrients combined to boost their biostimulant activity.
  • [Biostimulants]
    Mixture of 10 plant-based amino acids (Levo) carefully selected and combined with macro and micronutrients.
  • [NaPeKhem]
    Liquid NPK fertilisers of rapid absorption and assimilation by the crop. This range allows for the development of customized formulas.
  • [Chelates]
    They are applied to plants or soil to regulate and improve the physiological processes of the crop, which makes them more efficient.
  • [Correctors]
    Macro and micronutrients enhanced with carboxylic acids or plant-based, salt-free extracts, and high-quality, safe foliar application.
  • [Khaki]
    Specific biostimulants for the Bright Red variety of Khaki. This crop is very sensitive to different situations of abiotic stress.